WLP008 East Coast Ale PurePitch® Next Generation

WLP008 East Coast Ale PurePitch® Next Generation

  • 1599

This strain can be used to reproduce many American versions of classic beer styles but has been gaining popularity for its use in East Coast IPAs. It is cleaner and crisper than other haze producing strains. It possesses the similar neutral character of WLP001 California Ale Yeast® with slightly higher ester production. This strain’s attenuation leaves some mouthfeel and residual sweetness which balances hop bitterness. It’s a great all-around strain for balanced, accessible beer styles such as blondes, pale ales and amber ales.

Attenuation: 70.00 - 75.00
Flocculation: Medium to low
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium (5-10%)
Optimum Fernedtation Temperature: 68.00 - 73.00

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