Clearance Yeast 75% Off White Labs

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  • Save $650

We're making some room in our yeast fridge, so we're clearing out some strains that are approaching their best-by date in the next couple months. If you normally do a starter on your yeast this is a great opportunity to save some money on yeast. 

Strains and quantities at time of posting:

75% Off White Labs and OMEGA (Past Best by Date) MUST USE YEAST/PROPPER STARTER

WLP001 - California Ale

WLP005 - British Ale

WLP007 - Dry English Ale

WLP008 - East Coast Ale

WLP028 - Edinburgh Scottish Ale

WLP051 - California V Ale

WLP090 - San Diego Super Yeast

WLP095 - Burlington Ale

WLP320 - Hefeweizen Ale

WLP380 - Hefeweizen IV

WLP400 - Belgian Wit Ale

WLP500 - Monastery Ale

WLP530 - Abbey Ale

WLP545 - Belgian Strong Ale

WLP550 - Belgian Ale

WLP565 - Saison I

WLP566 - Saison II

WLP590 - French Saison

WLP810 - San Francisco Lager

WLP940 - Mexican Lager


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