Grains & Taps to Team up with Crane Brewery to Create a Beer


Grains & Taps is thrilled to announce plans to team up with Crane Brewing Company to create a beer.

Crane Brewing Company, a new brewery being constructed in Raytown, MO plans to begin distribution in the fall of 2015.  Head brewer Michael Crane is one of the most well-known homebrewers in the area having won numerous awards for his home brewed beer at competitions all over.  Crane, along with his team, plan to focus on sour beers and farmhouse beers.

Grains & Taps was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the brewery progress in early June.  Chris Meyers and Aaron Bryant of Crane Brewing Company were nice enough to show us around.  The fermenters and bright tanks which are now installed had just arrived and were waiting to be placed in their permanent homes.  Most of the facility renovations including piping, drainage, architecture and even installation of a gigantic sump pump had already taken place.  Chris and Aaron shared with excitement the plans for what would be the future Crane Taproom as they took us to the front of the building.

As Crane Brewing Company nears completion of the brewery they have started a crowdbrewed campaign which you can check out HERE.  The campaign focuses on building momentum for the brewery, funding their barrel room in which they will barrel-age beers.  The campaign offers some awesome perks to those who pledge and runs through June 26, 2015.

Grains & Taps is a homebrew supply store and craft beer taproom in downtown Lee's Summit, MO.  Open since 2013, it is a great place to find everything you need to brew your own beer or make your own wine at home.  It is also a great place to gather with friends for a craft beer from one of nine taps or the many bottles that Grains & Taps stocks.

The beer that will be created when Grains & Taps teams up with Crane Brewing Company is planned to be distributed in Kansas City.  Crane Brewing Company already has plans with Central States Brewing for distribution of their beers.  Grains & Taps and Crane are in the beginning stages of discussing plans for the beer we will be working on together and can't wait to start brewing.  Check back in soon for more news about the upcoming release for the beer.

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