Grains & Taps Growler Policy

Here are the rules for getting growlers filled at Grains & Taps.

1. Grains & Taps will only fill the growlers sold by Grains & Taps, bearing the Grains & Taps logo and lettering.  Grains & Taps sells multiple types of growlers at various price points.

2. For growler refills you must bring a CLEAN Grains & Taps growler.  If the growler is not clean, Grains & Taps staff will not refill it.

3. Filled growlers may NOT be opened inside of Grains & Taps.  Growler fills are to-go only. You must take them out of Grains & Taps before opening.  Growlers opened inside of Grains & Taps will be subject to being dumped out at your expense.  Don't be the cause of wasted beer.

4.  No beer will be excluded from growler fills except for instances where growler fills don't work.  Nitro beers don't work for growler fills.  When a keg starts to get low growler fills will cease from that keg to avoid running out of beer in the middle of a growler fill.