Blarney Brew Off 2019

Register now as a brewer for the 2019 Blarney Brew Off

We are now accepting brewer signups for the 2019 Blarney Brew Off.  

Details (planning in progress)

  • We've created the brewer sign up form for the 2019 Blarney Brew Off. It's in Google Forms and should be pretty much the same as last year. Once you fill out the form you will receive an email. SAVE THAT EMAIL. It contains the link for you to be able to edit your sign up. The event organizers will not have a copy of this link if you lose it. It only gets sent to you.
  • Link to sign up form:
  • Team sizes of 2-4 people based on amount of beer being brought. One person per team will be the point of contact for emails.
  • Please fill out the form as soon as you know that you will be participating. Fill out the information you know now as a placeholder. You can go back later and edit it when you know more details.

We're still working out details for the event, but here's what we know so far:
Date: 3/23/19
Location: Same as last year. Market St. parking lots, downtown LS

The format of the Blarney Brew Off will be the same as last year.  Attendees will vote for their favorite overall home brewery (not favorite beer).  The top three home breweries will win prizes.  The Brewer’s Choice Award will be voted on by the brewers.  The winning brewery of the Brewer’s Choice will take home the traveling trophy and the bragging rights.



  1. Each team must provide at least 5 gallons of home brewed beer.
  2. The maximum number of team members you may have (including the team captain) is determined by the number of 5 gallon kegs (or bottle equivalents) you are bringing: If you are bringing 1 or 2 kegs you may have 2 people on your team. If you are bringing 3 kegs you may have 3 people on your team. If you are bringing 4 or more kegs you may have 4 people on your team. The maximum number of team members any team may have (including the team captain) is 4.  If you have more people listed than you are eligible to bring, then the extras will not be allowed admittance to the event without purchasing a ticket. We encourage you to have additional family and friends purchase their tickets to the event early, as we have sold out in previous years.
  3. When the rules refer to “5 gallon kegs” we really are only concerned with the volume of beer.  If you want to serve the equivalent volume out of bottles or growlers that’s perfectly fine.
  4. Everyone who enters the event must be at least 21 years old.  No exceptions.  There will be no place inside the event where someone under 21 years old is allowed.  A child in a stroller is not allowed.  If you have an exceptional circumstance where you think you should be able to bring a child or someone under 21 to the event, please don’t.  They will not be allowed in.
  5. There will be food served at the event by a yet to be determined entity (food truck or catering).  For health code reasons brewers may not serve food.  The exception would be sealed individually wrapped packaged foods.  If you want to go purchase the variety pack of potato chips at the grocery store and hand out unopened bags with your beer we won’t stop you.
  6. Additional rules regarding expectations of brewers on event day will be communicated when it gets closer to the time of the event.
  7. This event is limited to home brewed beer.  We are defining this as meaning that the beer entered in this competition cannot be brewed using the equipment at a professional brewery.  If the head brewer from Boulevard Brewery wants to go home and brew up a batch of homebrew in his garage he will be allowed to enter it.  He can’t enter beer that he brewed using the equipment at Boulevard (or Martin City Brewery, Crane, Grains & Taps, etc.).
  8. Home fermented hard-ciders and meads are acceptable.
  9. Cocktails and hard liquor are not allowed to be entered in the competition.

Registration Information (long version)

Brewer registration will be handled the same as last year.  All information will be entered by home brewers through a form (link provided above).  Choose one person from your brewing team to be the “team captain”.  The “team captain” will be the sole person on each team to enter information and receive updates about the brew off.  The captain will be responsible for sharing updates with the rest of their team.

The registration form will help streamline the registration process.  You will be emailed a link after you fill out the form that will allow you to edit the form.  Save that email.  You can make changes to your registration form up until the event date is near.  We will give plenty of warning regarding when final updates need to be made to the form.

  1. Appoint one person from your team to be the “team captain”.
  2. Team captains should go fill out the registration form for their team.
  3. It is unlikely that anyone will know all of the information for the form at this point.  Just fill out as much as you know now to get your team registered.  You can update the form with additional details later.  Fill out the form as soon as you decide to enter, do not worry about waiting for the details to fill out the form for the first time.
  4. DO NOT email edits or changes to us regarding your team’s registration (beers being entered, team member names, team name)
  5. Follow the link in the confirmation email to make edits to your team’s registration information.
  6. DO NOT follow the original link (the one in this email) to make edits to your form.  This will result in multiple registrations for the same team.  Use the link you receive in your confirmation email after you submit for the first time.
  7. If you submit the registration form and do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours please email The most likely case is that your email address was typed incorrectly into the registration form.
  8. If you wish to withdraw your team entirely after you have registered please email

 If you have questions regarding the details of the day of the event please refrain from contacting us until closer to the date of the event.  This is all the information we have for now.